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revolutionary FB1 Glass Hair Cutter by Frank Bisson
check out the new Frank Bisson FB1 infomercial

Check out the New celebrity hairstylist Frank Bisson FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter Infomercial

To launch the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter, Frank Bisson Worldwide have just recently finished filming and producing a 30 minute infomercial which tells you all about the benefits of using the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter. Here you can see the true benefits of this revolutionary hair styling product with live styling by international celebrity hair stylist Frank Bisson and some of the premier stylists from the industry. Here you can view the 30 minute infomercial and the new 1 minute commercial by clicking on the appropriate link:

Great hair cuts and styles are only a blade away with the revolutionary gold award winning FB1™ glass hair cutter

Manchester University, UK, Ian Brough(FRMS,HNC)Electron Optics consultant, shows that scissors, razors and clippers damage the hair shaft whilst cutting by crushing, shearing and tearing the hair causing split ends, fracturing and irreparable damage. The FB1™ Glass Hair Cutting Blade cuts the hair with a clean tapered and fine tip, void of split ends leaving the hair totally damage free and in optimum condition (see microscopy images)

FB1 Glass Hair CutIf you’ve been looking for the perfect hair cutting solution, whether for your salon business, to use at home, or for your hair academy then you need look no further.

Frank Bisson’s patented Glass hair Cutter is one of the hair industry’s best kept secrets which is now available to you. As an award winning hair styling solution, it not only creates the perfect celebrity hair styles but also eliminates split ends, increases your creativity and adds volume, multi-texture and hold.

Now, with thousands of customers all around the world depending on the FB1™, we can assure you that you’d be in great company when you start using the FB1™ glass hair cutter.

  • FB1 Glass Hair CutErgonomically designed to be easy to use and you don’t need to be a trained hair stylist
  • The comb is curved to follow the contours of the head
  • The teeth of the comb have been designed to comb, style and detangle all hair types without damage
  • The tail is perfectly designed for parting and sectioning hair
  • 3 Products in 1 – No other cutting or combing tools required
  • Stylish Chrome features

Innovation, reliability, quality, and fashion come together in the FB1™ glass hair cutter. The FB1™’s simplicity of use and affordability does make a difference.

What is the FB1™ Glass hair cutter?

The revolutionary award winning Frank Bisson FB1 Glass Hair CutterThe revolutionary glass blade is probably the sharpest cutting device ever invented but the way the edge is serrated means it is safe to use. The serrated edge also provides more grip to the hair whilst cutting and because of its multi-faceted cutting edge, and the material it is made from, it gives more lift, volume and texture. The FB1™ is an extremely durable glass hair cutter that is stylishly designed with a chromed blade capsule which is virtually indestructible, chemical and heat resistant.

Gold Award Winning Innovation

The FB1™ gold award winning Glass Hair Cutter won first prize and the Gold Medal at the International Inventions Show sponsored by the BBC.

FB1 Glass Hair Cutter - Professional Edition

Professional editon of the FB1 Glass Hair Cutter includes the FB1 tool, 25 replacement glass blades, blade cover, demonstration DVD and chrome finished stand.
£ 59.99
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FB1 Glass Hair Cutter

The FB1 Glass Hair Cutter with demonstration DVD, 3 replacement blades and blade cover
£ 29.99
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(515) 601-1166

25 Replacement Blades

25 replacement FB1 Glass Hair Cutter glass blades
£ 19.99
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(313) 658-2779

The benefits of using the FB1™
Glass Hair Cutter:

  • Eliminates split ends, does not create new ones
  • Encourages hair growth due to cutting action
  • Controls and manages frizzy hair
  • Adds volume, multi texture, body, natural lift and hold to all hair types
  • Create cutting edge hair styles (see style gallery in website)
  • Versatile: cuts hair at home with inbuilt safety
  • No skill required, easy to use (see infomercial on website)
  • Cuts hold its shape over long periods with better blend, wash and go
  • Professional haircuts at home at the fraction of the price
  • Affordable alternative to salon styling - an average saving of £250 per year on regular haircuts
Watch the Features & Benefits Video Online
Frank Bisson demonstrates the main features and benefits the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter for creating mind blowing hair styles.
Watch the Demonstration
Frank Bisson demonstrates the main techniques of using the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter for creating mind blowing hair styles.
Watch the Hairstyles Demonstration Video
Frank Bisson demonstrates the main techniques of using the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter for creating mind blowing hair styles.
celebrity hair dressing tipsWhen you purchase your FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter you receive a high quality DVD  that you can watch anywhere to learn all about the techniques that the revolutionary tool from Frank Bisson has to offer.
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